Substantial shareholders

President Energy PLC is an English Registered Company (No. 5104249)
Its shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:PPC)
And its main countries of operation are Paraguay, Argentina and USA.


Share Capital

The Company has issued share capital of 1,071,938,326 one penny shares.

Directors' Interests

Peter Levine 321,204,547 29.9%
Rob Shepherd 609,144 0.05%
Jorge Bongiovanni 157,179 0.01%
Alexander Moody-Stuart 100,000 0.01%

Large Shareholdings 

The company has been informed of the following holdings (which will also be included in the list of interests below).

PLLG Investments Ltd 29.9%
Schroders Investment Management 14.1%
International Finance Corporation 10.4%
Michinoko Limited 8.9%
JP Morgan Asset Management Holdings Inc 8.8%

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