Substantial shareholders

President Energy PLC is an English Registered Company (No. 5104249)
Its shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:PPC)
And its main countries of operation are Paraguay, Argentina, USA and Australia.


Share Capital

The Company has issued share capital of 953,597,617 one penny shares.

Directors' Interests

Peter Levine 304,404,547 31.9%
Miles Biggins 361,059 0.04%
Rob Shepherd 9,144 0.00%

Large Shareholdings 

The company has been informed of the following holdings (which will also be included in the list of interests below).

PLLG Investments Ltd 31.9%
International Finance Corporation 11.7%
Schroders Investment Management 11.2%
Michinoko Limited 8.9%
JP Morgan Asset Management Holdings Inc 8.8%

The details on this page were last updated on 1 July 2017