President Energy Plc

President Energy Plc

President Energy is an independent oil and gas company
focusing primarily on high margin production opportunities
in Latin America.

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The portfolio consists of a balance of high margin production primarily in Argentina with additional production in Louisiana. In addition, we have further significant exploration and development opportunities through our acreage in Paraguay and Argentina.

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PPC Argentina

Download Corporate Presentation August 2018

PFE 1001, the second well in the programme, has been successfully drilled on plan, time and budget to the target depth of 2550m and electronically logged and cased #PuestoFlores #PPC #OOTT

Malcy's blog today: Oil price, President, Egdon, Europa, Union Jack And finally... -

The first well in the Puesto Flores programme, PFO 1001, is now tied in and flowing from the Punta Rosada primary target formation at 600 bopd #PPC #OOTT

The Pre Cuyo is a deeper and secondary well target formation, therefore the primary target, 200 metres higher with excellent porosity, will be brought into production at a later date #Argentina #PPC

#PPC on the way to year end production target of 3,000 BOPD! On the way to doubling production next year! Very undervalued! #PresidentEnergy

“With year end target production rate of ‘in excess of 3,000 b/d’ giving commensurate increase in free cash flow and financial strength President is performing very well indeed.” @mgrahamwood comments on the #PPC update

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